Paving and Driveway Cleaning

Although it’s not something we do a great deal of were occasionally asked if we can clean driveways and paving. This is especially relevant for the elderly where paths can become slippery and treacherous with moss etc. if not cleaned regularly.

Cleaning Paving Stones

The requirements for this job were to clean the external paving leading up to the house and around the side. We already have the tools and products required for this work and so it’s well within our capability.

House main Pathway Before Cleaning House side Pathway Before Cleaning

The process for cleaning the pathway was really straight forward; to start with we mixed up a strong dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean with water and applied that to the surface of the paving st>one. This was left to dwell for a while so the chemicals could get to work and eat into the dirt of the surface. The paving slabs where then jet washed using an industrial high pressure Jet Wash machine until we were satisfied with the results. For tough areas it’s necessary to scrub the Pro-Clean into the surface of the paving with a stiff brush to remove the soil before jet washing.

House main Pathway After Cleaning House side Pathway After Cleaning

These paving slabs were textured and offer a good grip when clean, however some slabs are very smooth and can be lethal when wet, if you have tiles of this nature then talk to us about our non etching Anti-Slip treatment.

House Steps After Cleaning


Cleaning Household Paving in Surrey

Victorian Tiled floor restoration in Lewisham

I’m not sure if Tile Doctor is the reason for this but there seems to have been a marked increase in the restoring of floors that have been found hidden under carpet; this particular floor was Victorian Tiles and the lady who owned the house had discovered it after lifting the carpet that had been down for 15 years and wanted to make a feature of it. The carpet had done a reasonable job of protecting it but it was dull and there were what appeared to be white paint spots on the surface.

Victorian Tiled Floor Before Restoration Victorian Tiled Floor Before Restoration

Cleaning a Victorian Tiled Floor

I started the cleaning process using a solution of Tile Doctor Nanotech Ultra-Clean which is an abrasive tile and stone cleaner mixed 50/50 with Tile Doctor Remove and Go which is a multi-purpose tile friendly stripper that can remove sealers and other coatings. The working space was quite tight so this was applied to half of the floor and left to soak in for an hour whilst I setup equipment. After an hour I scrubbed the floor using a rotary machine fitted with a black scrubbing pad and plain water. The soiled solution was then removed using a wet vacuum before repeating the process on the other half of the floor. The tiled floor was then rinsed twice thoroughly before using a steamer to clean deep into the pores of the Victorian Tile.

Sealing Victorian Tiles

The next step was to Seal the Floor but it needs to be dry first, fortunately I have an industrial airmover fan that speeds this along nicely. The floor was sealed using 5 coats of Tile Doctor Seal and Go which provides stain protection along with a low sheen finish that really brings out the beauty in Victorian Floor tiles. The transformation was quite evident and the owner has very happy with the result and left the following testimonial.

“Fab Service, Great result, Will Recommend.”

Victorian Tiled Floor After Restoration Victorian Tiled Floor After Restoration


Victorian Tiled Floor Cleaned and Sealed in Lewisham

Putting the Shine Back on Black Porcelain Floor Tiles

We were asked to clean and seal these black Porcelain floor tiles that had been laid in a bridal shop in the Lakeside shopping centre. The shop fitters and builders had been in to setup the internal layout and the floor was looking dull and not in a presentable state good enough for the shop opening.

Black Porcelain Floor Before Photo

Cleaning black Porcelain floor tiles

We set about scrubbing the floor using a dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean Tile and Grout cleaner followed by a thorough rinse. We then waited for it to dry before buffing the porcelain tile surface to a deep shine with a white buffing pad.

The floor was ready for sealing so we applied Tile Doctor Ultra Seal to a small test area but it didn’t take, not wishing to waste our time or the customers’ money we called it a day. Most porcelain tiles won’t take a sealer however some are micro porous and do need sealing so it’s always best to check.

Black Porcelain Floor After Photo

They were really pleased with result and they were even happier we were honest about not charging them for not sealing the floor; the deep shine on the floor really did look spectacular.

Black Porcelain Floor Photo


Restoring the Shine on Black Porcelain Floor Tiles